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2012 Congress in Rotorua

The last congress of the New Zealand Esperanto Association (NZEA) was held in Rotorua in January 2012.

The congress was a success with approximately 25 Esperantists from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Chile, and France.
NZEA 2012 Congress

The next congress will be from 10th to 16th January 2013 in Auckland. 

About Rotorua

Rotorua is a popular holiday destination for many New Zealanders and overseas visitors because of its Maori culture, beautiful scenery, hot pools, and attractions for tourists and sports people. Rotorua is about three hours’ drive south-east of Auckland.  From Wellington it is five hours north. From overseas, it is easiest to fly to Auckland and to go by car or bus to Rotorua. However, Air New Zealand also has direct flights to Rotorua from Sydney and from various New Zealand cities. 

Rotorua is a charming town built beside a large lake. It is surrounded by many forests good for walking and biking. Information about Rotorua is available in Esperanto on Wikipedia. The official Rotorua tourism website contains information in various languages.

Rotorua is also an important centre for the Maori language because of its large Maori population. Tourists can visit an old Maori village and an art and culture centre, and enjoy typical Maori food and dancing. Have you ever seen a 'haka' (war dance)?  You will see it in Rotorua!languages. Rotorua attracts many visitors from overseas and, therefore, it’s common to hear many languages spoken in Rotorua. 

About the NZEA Congress

As usual, the NZEA congress will be an interesting event with a full programme.  We will soon confirm the name of a well known Esperantist from overseas whom NZEA has invited to the congress to lecture, teach, and take sessions – to give an international flavour and to get people talking not in English but in Esperanto.

We may also have an excursion – possibly to a geothermal area with geysers, boiling mud, and a 19th century Maori village buried in a volcanic eruption, or to an agricultural centre where you can learn about sheep and sheep dogs.

The congress will take place in a new conference centre in central Rotorua. You’ll need to arrange your own accommodation; however, Rotorua has a range of possibilities from hostels and backpackers to luxury 5-star hotels. Prices are reasonable. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants on the main road – where it’s nice to go walking on a warm evening.