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Previous Congresses

2016 Three-country congress in Bandung, Indonesia

Esperantists from New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia took part in an Esperanto Congress in Bandung, Indonesia in March 2016.
Indonesian orchestra in Bandung

2014 - January 15th to 24th, St Francis Retreat, Auckland

Our congress in 2014 was again in Auckland at the St. Francis Retrea
Centre, Hillsborough. 

As always, the food - the most important aspect of the conference - was very tasty and we all increased our waistlines! 

This year's attendance was lower than that of last year, but people came from various parts of New Zealand: Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin .
In the annual meeting Howard Gravatt did not run for the board this year but all other board members were re-elected. The Treasurer reported that the financial state of NZEA is good and the board is always ready to receive proposals for spending or financial aid to members who, without support, could not attend congresses.
Next year's congress, 2015, will be held somewhere in Australia, probably in January as we plan to have a joint congress with our Australian cousins​​.  In the following year, 2016, we will have another joint Australia/New Zealand Congress but somewhere in New Zealand.

It is not all work at our congresses. Erin McGifford led some funny skits and David Ryan presented the traditional quiz . As usual, participants went on excursions and enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of the Auckland region.

Theatre Pieces

Bharat Ghimire from Nepal was our international teacher who, besides teaching us about the grammar of English, gave an interesting lecture about his own country, and invited us all to visit!   He even taught us a little about the Nepali language (see photo); so now we are ready to visit!   In fact, the Nepali Esperanto Association welcomes foreign visitors and can offer a free tourist guide.

Bharat Ghimire teaching the Nepali language

2013 - January 10th to 16th, St Francis Retreat, Auckland

The 2013 congress of the New Zealand Esperanto Association was held in Auckland in January 2013.  About 25 people participated, with foreign visitors from Japan, New Caledonia, and Australia.

Grazina Opulskiene of Lithuania lectured and guided language sessions. The atmosphere was very positive and there were several new and younger Esperanto speakers.  New members were elected to the board.

2012 - January 28th to 30th, Rotorua

The 2012 Congress of the New Zealand Esperanto Association (NZEA) was held in Rotorua in January 2012.

The congress was a success with approximately 25 Esperantists from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Chile, and France.